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This is what we hear from the industry...

"I’m sick of government legislation constantly changing."

"I wish there was a single provider who covers ALL compliance reports."

"I wish I could easily outsource all of my compliancy work."

"In-house compliancy training would be a huge undertaking for us."

"The paperwork and storage involved with the multiple compliancy certificates drives me mad!"

Let Bright Absorb All of Your Responsibilities

BrightFM Group - Compliance QR Code

State of The Art Tech

We offer a new unique way to asset tag using QR codes. By simply using a mobile phone, our system allows a property manager to scan the QR code on an asset and it will automatically bring up the entire service history into the palm of their hand.

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Firas Certified

We're qualified to access any site and carry out compartmentation surveys to ensure our clients' locations are compliant with current fire health safety. We also carry out both penetrative and passive fireworks using certified equipment in line with government regulations to ensure our client's buildings are safe.

BrightFM Group - Compliance Hassle Free

Hassle Free

We keep all of your compliance reporting paperwork and solutions in one place, easily accessible and with a single point of contact.

BrightFM Group - Compliance Alerts


We know our clients are busy, so we’ll take the pain away by executing a customer centric approach to all of our work. From passive fire reports to water hygiene, we’ve designed our feedback dashboards to be simple to read and easy to digest. Our approach is robust and flexible enough for you to challenge us with any risk or concern and we’ll find you a solution.

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Our Compliance Offering

We deliver a full and comprehensive compliance offering, covering the full breadth of services. Offering an automated reporting system that sends you a fully quoted action plan to enable you to make an informed decision for the safety of your property. 

Areas we cover include:

  • Asset Tagging
  • Block compliance 
  • Fire door survey 
  • Fire Compartmentation Survey 
  • H&S Standards 
  • Water Hygiene 
BrightFM Group - Compliance Our Experience

Our Clients

Reporting The Bright Way

We're constantly looking for new and innovative ways to make our clients' lives easier, working hard to drag traditional compliancy reporting into the 21st century.
We embrace technology and use bespoke software and programmes to offer our clients unparalleled personalisation for their compliancy reporting.
BrightFM Group - BrightFM Group - Compliance Hassle Free

Hassle Free

With our hassle free system, Bright absorbs all the workload.

BrightFM Group - Compliance Stay Updated

Stay Updated

All reports are 100% gauranteed.

BrightFM Group - Compliance 24/7 Access

24/7 Access

Enjoy 24/7 access to all reports. Anywhere, anytime.

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